Health Care Solutions

Patient Choice for better Outcomes

Patients can bring any Identifier that can be authenticated. Or they can use one from any Trusted Third Party that is part of the Health Care trust registry.

As patient information moves from one HIPAA covered entity's medical records onto a patient's computing device and potential onto some other HIPAA covered entity, there needs to be some assurance to the patient that the software apps and services involved in the transfer operate with the best practices to protect the user's information.

Trust Registry for Patient Choice

Web App for Patient Choice

  • A Web App is simply a web site that can be intalled as a home screen button with a cache of common resources to improve performance both on and off-line.
  • This Trust Registry site can be installed on the user's mobile computing device by the Add to Home Screen feature of the browser.

Native App for Patient Control

  • A Native app has more control of the data stored on the user's device and can create a secure authenction protocol with any Identifier chosen by the user.